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How to fix bad credit!

Credit Repair Review

Credit Mindset will review your credit report and put together a plan of action!

Credit Education: Investment

Standard Credit Repair Program is $175 set up fee and $125/month.


Mortgage and Real Estate

If you need a preapproval or someone to show you houses....we can help!  We have an extensive network of awesome partners!!

3 Actions to Drive up Credit!

Get items deleted!

This is what we do!  Imagine that the teacher in school dropped a couple of your bad test grades....what would your average do? It would go up..... so when the Credit Mindset program gets inaccurate or non-verifiable items delete... your credit score goes up.

Pay down balances

Paying credit card balances below 30% will help drive up credit scores.  Also, paying some newer collection accounts could also have a positive impact  on your score..... check with a Credit Mindset rep before you pay an account....we don't want to throw away money!

Add new credit

Adding a secured card card or a couple new credit cards is a great way to drive up scores.  Think of it as you are adding an "A" to your average!


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